Monday, March 14, 2011

Microsoft, Continuing Excellence...

So my arch nemesis returned and have given me even more reasons to loathe their terrible existence. I was at work, taking calls as usual, when I got an incoming call from a fucking Microsoft representative. This is the gist of our conversation.

Him: "Hi, I'm Shitdangleadick from Microsoft I have a customer on the line who can't seem to get his device drivers on the computer updated to get his shit* recognized."

Me: "It's a Microsoft computer?"

Him: "Yes."

Me: "So how is this my companies problem? This is your issue."

Him: "Let me just conference the customer in."

*he named the official product, but again we must remain mysterious in my place of business.

AND THEN HE CONFERENCED THE CUSTOMER IN AND DISAPPEARED LIKE A CHEAP LITTLE FUCK. So I pretty much talked to the customer for 30 minutes trash talking Microsoft. Poor guy had been through 3 HOURS of trying to get these people to diagnose the problem with his computer but they kept giving him bullshit answers. I don't think they even fucking know how to troubleshoot shit. Does Microsoft hire former sheep herders? Because seriously, their idea of troubleshooting is piss poor. The gentleman was at least very pleasant to talk to, he understood that my company could do nothing to fix the issue and that the problem really was with Microsoft. He also understood that I was able to trash talk Microsoft as a personal customer and not as rivalry. Microsoft hasn't completely lost me, after all I have an Android phone, which BTW is the only thing Microsoft has ever done right.

Questions about my epic hate for Microsoft? My post back in January has all the answers.

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