Friday, February 8, 2013


I want you to take a moment... and just appreciate the shit out of what that says. Because it's so effin true, it borders disgusting. 

Also, here's this. I'm pretty sure that's two dragons fucking. Not 100% positive as the description does not specify, buuut... two dragons fucking is definitely what I saw. HOLY SHIT, I just spelled definitely by myself!! NO spell check AT ALL. If you understood what that meant... you'd rejoice with me. 

Moving on, to explain those random ass pictures above. I was in a mood and decided to type in "STUPID THINGS" into Google, and like the awesomeness that is the internet, those lovlies popped up and I HAD to share.

You might be wondering to yourself, 'where has this ass hat been?' 

Well, you see, I started College. And damned if it isn't fuckin' challenging. I've also recently quit smoking and thus have gained WEIGHT and must shed it!!!! I have an old friend to answer to in May, and I'm getting less and less inclined to let them win. I SHALL WIN IT ALL!!! MUHUHAHAHA..


Angry rants... are roiling around in my head. I have to pace myself.

First off, 

First off, 


I'm just sayin... also, stop with the fucking abbrevations for entire GODDAMN sentences. js. lol tf? <-- like srrsly? What is all that fucking garbage and why must I have to read fucking letters? Lazy twats. 

Ok, for real back to it,

all you people be cray.

I was brought into a massive party for a double birthday between myself and one of my 5 best chick friends. I was not aware of the magnitude of people this party pulled in. I think head count got to 250. We ran out of wristbands. And yea, that was me totally bragging. (if you don't want this to become a novel, you'll wait to hear about why this so fantastic to me, I abhorred my bday for a LONG time, mmkay?) But out of those 250 people, I managed to run into the only military mother fucker in the joint. And he was batshit crazy. My lawd, people, chemistry and dating is not a fucking science. It is either there or it isn't. And my state of mind was definitely (woot) in question upon our meeting of each other.. and holy balls, when that shit wears off it is GONE. And I mean the pretense of sanity. I'm not gonna go into details, but text bomb of MADNESS. 


I don't even want to touch on where this country is right now what with gun rights and just all this other SHIT. It's overwhelming, I don't even know where to begin. I almost am tempted to crawl away to some crazy hippee commune and just say fuggit. When shit gets real, I will swim to Africa, I don't care, I will fucking do it. Anywhere will be better than here if shit ends up hitting the fan like FUCKING history REPEATING ITSELF.

Now that I've said that. 

Peace the fuck out, I just pissed myself off a LOT.

It's not you, it's me.

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